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What is One Harvest? One Harvest is a Food Ministry committed to helping families place food on their tables at a lower expense than what it would cost going to a local grocery store. They make this possible through partnerships with local churches such as Oak Ridge Family Bible Church and through agreement made with food vendors that you would recognize in your local stores. Through these two partnerships One Harvest can purchase and distribute the same quality food you could buy locally at a much great savings. Is this ministry for anyone? There are some who like a great deal and this program is a great deal. There are some who are trying to keep the budget balanced and for those it will most definitely help you to be a good steward with your resources. There are also some who struggle with having enough money to buy groceries and it is those I believe that benefit most. These individuals can receive approximately $60 – $70 worth of groceries (family box) for $40.50 including tax. With a savings like that families no longer have to go without. How to get started. Obtain a recent menu by clicking on the menu button at the top of this page. The menu will list the food boxes for the current month along with current order dates and times. Simply come by ORFBC during the scheduled order dates and times, place your order using cash, check or EBT Food Stamps, receive your receipt and then return on the distribution date indicated and pick up your food. For your convenience you can choose to order online using your credit card. Click on the button below and you will be directed to the One Harvest Ministries online order page. Note; EBT cannot be used to place an online order.

Online Orders

A Hand Up / Partnership When you give to this food ministry your generosity helps families receive the needed assistance necessary to feed them and their children. Each month we receive requests for food that we alone cannot fulfill but with your help we can make a difference helping those in our community who need it most.  Fill out the form below  contact someone about partnering with ORFBC to help those in our community.

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