The Holy Spirit wants to minister to everyone and that includes your children.

The Lord wants to capture your child’s heart and one way He does that is through an outstanding children’s ministry in the local church.

SUPERKID Nursery (birth – 23 months)

Mom and Dad you can attend the adult service knowing that your child will be cared for, loved and nurtured in the name of Jesus.  Super Babies is not a babysitting service but rather a supernatural ministry to the infants of our ministry.  Through praise and worship and speaking the Word of God over these precious ones we are confident they are experiencing the presence of God.

We offer this ministry at every service.

SUPERKID Preschool (2 – K)

Preschoolers like to have fun and if you can take fun and God’s Word and mix it all together you will get Superkid Preschool.  The children in this class will experience worship, puppets, praise songs and teaching that is age-appropriate for them. The Children’s Ministry recognizes the importance for families to have a partner in the spiritual training of their preschooler and is committed to helping individual lessons to benefit each child at their stage in life.

It is our desire that your Super Kid will leave each service with an impression that God loves them and going to church is fun!

SUPERKID Academy (1 – 6 Grade)

Superkid Academy is a place where children hear the Word of God, see it in action and have an opportunity to practice being doers of what they learn. Jesus had great regard for the spiritual capacity of children. Jesus said in Matthew 19:14b, “…the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” When taught the faith-filled Word, children become strong, focused and powerful — they become SUPERKIDS! We create an environment where kids open up, have fun and receive revelation and knowledge from the Word of God; they then learn how to use that knowledge to impact their world.

SUPERKID Academy is where ordinary kids get quipped to do extraordinary things in the name of Jesus.