The Bible says that a believer’s testimony is one of the elements necessary to produce victory. The other element is faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ (Revelation 12:11). When a person shares what good things the Lord has done for them it is the catalyst for even more good to happen.

The Apostles Peter and John both walked with Jesus during his three years of earthly ministry. During which time they heard and saw tremendous miracles and heard the finest teaching on this side of heaven. Surely you could understand after having seen and heard the things they did they could not do anything else but speak what they have seen and heard.

Not everybody was as excited about what Peter and John were sharing. Those that did not like what they were saying were religious leaders.But there were also those who did not have a relationship with Jesus, which heard what they were saying; crowds of people were drawn to Jesus after hearing the goodness of the Messiah. Those that received the message of Peter and John were born-again and those who already believed their faith was strengthened in Jesus.

Take a moment and share what the Lord has done for you. Your testimony may be the needed encouragement someone needs to keep standing amidst a difficult situation. Your testimony could be the final words that display the goodness of God in such a way that leads someone to repentance and Eternal Life.


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